All your wedding guest videos
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Capture your wedding like never before, with your guest video clips uploaded to cloud storage.Download and remix the best candid video clips captured by your guests.Wedding Vignettes is available self-service or via wedding videographers.

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There are over 100 cameras at your wedding - use them

Your guests will all be madly taking video of your big day. Rather than frown on it, Wedding Vignettes gives you an easy way to collect, store and download all their clips to make your highlights videos the best ever.

At the heart of it all - one simple upload link code.Download the QR code to use in your wedding stationery

Why collect guest video?


Video messages

Sadly today many guests are not able to travel for weddings. Wedding Vignettes gives you an easy way to collect video messages from around the globe for your videographer to edit together and display on your big day.


Multiple angles

Your videographer can't be everywhere and you can't do multiple takes. Wedding Vignettes gives your videographer access to hundreds of different angles of the big moments from ring fingering to bouquet toss.


Behind the scenes

The fun often starts once your videographer packs up and starts thinking about editing. Wedding Vignettes allows your guests to upload video throughout the night and capture all the funniest moments of the reception.

When can you collect guest videos?



Start collecting video messages in the weeks before the big day with a simple URL.



Download the QR code, add to your wedding stationery and add a flyer on every table



View all the clips and favourite the best. Download the clips for editing.

How much does it cost?



Collect up to 250 videos from guests and manage the content yourself

  • Collect up to 250 guest videos

  • Up to 5 project folders (messages, reception etc)

  • Download clips to edit yourself

  • Two months access to files



Collect up to 1000 videos and share the files with your videographer

  • Collect up to 1000 guest videos

  • Up to 10 project folders (messages, reception etc)

  • Invite your videographer and planner to access files

  • Three months validity

  • Download raw video clips

  • Watermarked with your wedding monogram

Why use Wedding Vignettes to collect wedding guest videos?


Creating a project, downloading a QR code or sharing a link can be done in minutes, meaning you'll be collecting messages well before your wedding day


Wedding Vignettes is powered by the world's leading video submission tool, Vloggi, meaning your precious memories are safely stored in secure cloud servers

Unlimited guests

There is no limit to how many friends and family can contribute video clips to your projects, before, during or after your wedding.


Only you, your partner and trusted professionals (wedding planners, videographers etc) can see the guest video clips

Standardised format

No matter if your guests upload landscape or portrait, Wedding Vignettes will standardise the formatting, making editing easy.


You can add your wedding monogram to our video templates, perfect for sharing on social media with your couple's brand applied

What couples say about Wedding Vignettes

Wedding Vignettes offers a range of beautiful dynamic video templates to make your keepsake video special

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